Business Intelligence Consultancy

OPTIMAL Steering

For when you need context and overview

Do you sometimes have the feeling that you are missing steering information? Would you also like to understand the context in which your organization operates from different perspectives in a clear environment? Then Business Intelligence Consultancy is what you want.


Our approach to good results

We make an inventory of your need for management information and provide insight into which systems can provide this information. Your company probably also has an extensive system landscape in which data is distributed, but that is no problem for us due to our extensive experience.

As a next step, we design how the information from the systems is centralized, transformed and made available. The starting point here is how the information will be used, by whom and at what time.

Based on the design, a definition is made of the required data and which operations must be carried out on it, so that we can clearly name information and keep it up-to-date.

When performing the steps above, we use prototyping as much as possible so that we can validate the information before making major investments in setting up or modifying a BI solution. Thus success is guaranteed.

Business Intelligence Consultancy Products

  • Interactive dashboard
  • Master data management
  • Reporting
  • Data model
  • Data quality management
  • KPI / metrics definitions
  • ETL specifications


Do you also want to work with a top player that brings business analysis and business intelligence together?