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Data Driven Consultants

We bring business analysis and business intelligence together when (re)designing and setting up existing or new IT solutions.

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The added value of SkyClear

SkyClear consists of a team of bright, specialized business consultants who love complex business challenges. We know that people make the difference and that’s why we select consultants based on their knowledge, experience and drive.

Our customers experience that a SkyClear consultant always delivers at least what is necessary to be successful (but more if possible). For our Consultants SkyClear is a place where knowledge, fun and successes are shared.

The added value

How we contribute to your success

SkyClear helps data driven companies to establish the right change by combining different expertise areas.

We are convinced that you can change in a controlled manner if you can define the right metrics. This way a change can be measured in advance and the right direction can be chosen fact-based. Defining and implementing these metrics requires knowledge of the industry, knowledge of a company, IT and business processes.

SkyClear is able to quickly collect and map this knowledge from their customers, because of the vast experience within their Consultancy team.

Business Analysis

Are your business processes and IT optimally aligned? And are they clearly mapped out? Do you have the feeling that you want to understand this better and have it connected better, or do you just need a scan, then business analysis is your solution.

Business Process management

Is it possible for changes to take place in a structured way? And do you know what the impact of these changes will be? Which business rules and systems influence which processes and services? Do you want to be more in control? Then Business Process Management is what you are looking for.

Business intelligence Consultancy

Do you sometimes have the feeling that you are missing steering information? Would you also like to understand the context in which your organization operates from different perspectives in a clear environment? Then Business Intelligence Consultancy is what you want.

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What customers say about our
To me, working with SkyClear equals working with enthusiastic, pragmatic and goal-oriented professionals. They commit to the company and look for opportunities to add extra value!

Jim Groot

Service Desk Manager


At Knab we look back on a great collaboration with SkyClear. They are pleasant to work with, partly because of their energy and humor. In addition, it has become apparent that SkyClear’s consultants are widely deployable within our organization. They have an eye for things that can be improved and because of their hands-on mentality they go the extra mile to achieve this result. And all that from an intrinsic involvement and motivation to improve. In short, if we want to make changes, we like doing business with SkyClear.

Jurrian Conijn

Business Chapter Lead Wealth


We have experienced the cooperation with SkyClear as pleasant with clear language where action was taken quickly. We could have started saving yesterday if we had had SkyClear do a scan earlier in the process.

Jos Wennekes

General Manager

Eickemeyer B.V.

SkyClear adequately unravels the complexity and jumble of data that often arise after years of misuse, then zooms out again and makes a concrete and implementable improvement proposal. I really see this as their strength, they not only analyze, but also execute.

Ilonka Smith

Program manager

Interim program manager KPN

The implemented change was therefore sustainable. This gave us a lot of results, not only in terms of design, but especially in effectiveness their impact was great. The implemented change was therefore sustainable.

Andrea Falch

CoE Lead


We have come to know SkyClear as a partner with bold data professionals who know how to achieve appealing results with humor.

Arjen ten Harmsen van der Beek

Expertise Lead Portfolio Management


We are open

The SkyClear Bucketlist

We have put together a wish list of beautiful projects and jobs we dream about. Maybe your company is already on it, or maybe you would like to be on it. We are very open about it……

Skyclear Bucketlist Sta Je Erop

We like to share

Knowledge and Experience

We like to gather knowledge and experience and like to share what we have learned.