Business Analysis


For when you need an overview

Are your business processes and IT optimally aligned? And are they clearly mapped out? Do you have the feeling that you want to understand this better and have it connected better, or do you just need a scan, then business analysis is your solution.


Our approach to good results

Context is key and that’s why we make sure we understand your relevant business processes well. We do this by studying existing documentation, or by interviewing your ‘heroes’ who make your business possible. In addition, we analyze available data about your processes.

The next step is to map out future wishes and requirements with regard to your processes and associated supporting IT. We make a design of this future situation. This design is documented in a standard way so that we can test it with the stakeholders involved within the organization.

After the test, the requirements and possible solutions are agreed with internal or external IT suppliers. If you wish, we will not let you go afterwards, but we will continue to support you with the actual realization, validation and testing of the solution. In addition, we can provide support in preparing the organization for the commissioning of new IT systems by means of training, workshops and instructions.

Business Analysis Products

  • Requirements definition
  • epic / feature / story definition
  • Functional IT overview
  • data model
  • Interface definition
  • gap analysis
  • roadmap
  • Story Mapping
  • scope definition


Do you also want to work with a top player that brings business analysis and business intelligence together?