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We started SkyClear with Business / Data analysts who have been happy to help companies for years with the optimal use of IT solutions to support their business processes. We believe that IT can and should connect seamlessly with the core processes of a company. That IT should serve the company and not that the company should conform to its IT.


We are energized by providing insight into, understanding and improving the business processes for our customers. To be able to provide good management information, you need to know the business objectives and its processes through and through. That is why we bring business analysis and business intelligence together when (re)designing and setting up existing or new IT solutions. After all, if you want to report on performance, you will first have to place the qualitative data in a system.


SkyClear consultants have an intrinsic motivation to perform. We are conceptually strong, but we don’t feel too good to stand with our feet in the ground. We like work and are done with work when it’s done. We are honest, transparent and clear and that certainly doesn’t stop us from having fun too.

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Energetic, driven, social and pragmatic. That’s how I’m often described. In recent years I have mainly focused on bridging the gap between Business and IT. Finding the right solution is only the first step, after that people still have to be convinced of the benefits and the necessity. This is where my strength and passion lies. Stakeholder management with in mind the objective to bring your assignment to a successful conclusion, that’s what gives me the most energy.

In addition, I bring years of experience in sales, HR and recruitment that often come in handy in various assignments.

Koen Hahn

Director / Consultant

For the past 10+ years I have worked on aligning IT with the business operations of many different organizations. I love my job; it is a puzzle of people and systems. Finding a solution isn’t always easy, but that’s what makes it interesting. The first step for me is understanding what we want to achieve with a change or implementation of an information system. If we agree on that, we can make concrete how we are going to get there.

Stubborn, curious, enthusiastic and goal-oriented, that’s how I would describe myself in four words. These are character traits that serve me well in my work.

Joep Sanders

Director / Consultant

Helping my clients make the right choices by providing clear insights is what gives me energy. The years of experience as a business consultant, in which I have worked with senior management, employees, administrators and technicians, helps me to ask the right questions and to obtain the necessary information. I combine knowledge of the organization with my own experience to arrive at a suitable solution.

When you work with me, you can be sure that you have someone on board who has an eye for detail and who dares to look outside the box.

Pim Pintaric

Director / Consultant

Data-driven, I think that is the core of good business management. My passion is to use data to support business processes. I get energy from converting data into understandable information and communicating it with stakeholders. With a background in Software Development and Business Intelligence, I combine the technical side of the problem with that of the business. What is the impact of my code? And how can I use it to arrive at a meaningful solution? I approach any problem with an open mind.

I would describe myself as critical, passionate, reliable and enthusiastic. Entering into a partnership with me means that little bit extra that you are looking for as a company.

Folkert Wolfs

Data & Analytics Consultant

Within various companies I have gained 14 years of experience with feasibility analyses, improvement projects and (international) contracts and transactions.

That experience comes in handy for diving into complex puzzles; something I love to do. I naturally keep the goal and the different perspectives in mind. I like to involve the stakeholders in this. In this way we arrive at a creative, well-considered solution together. That, in my opinion, is the key to successful changes and improvements.

My main features; empathetic, involved, social and above all a critical eye to be successful.

Joris Oberendorff

Business Consultant

I like growth. I thrive on connection. Given my bi-cultural background, I have a great interest in people, cultures and their belief systems. I believe in people’s ability to evolve and help others evolve. I believe that if every individual would strive to thrive, personal growth would transform into public growth. I appreciate organizations that solve problems in order to grow and become better.

Helping my clients to transform business processes and data foundation from cumbersome to efficient in order to create sustainable, tangle impact energizes me. At the ‘heartcore’ of my way of working? Spreading awareness and understanding that in the end, people do business with people for people.

I would describe myself as emotionally intelligent, curious, ambitious and kind. I’m a self-development junkie and love reading books about habits, performance and mindfulness. I’ll always make room for meaningful conversations that support mutual growth.

Canel Teichmann

Business Consultant

Our name is spot-on: it stands for who we are and what we bring to our customers. ‘Sky clear’ is used in aviation weather reports to indicate that there are no clouds at all. And that fits with the result of our work; clear view of your organization and also fits in with how we work; clear, transparent and with an open mind.


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